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Most people – including plenty of dentists! – don’t realize just how much the mouth influences the body. The mouth is a critical infrastructure for alignment, breathing, circulation, digestion, energy, and sleep. Life is good when the mouth works right, and miserable when it does not.

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Holistic Mouth Solutions for all health-caring professionals (HCPs) to recognize and treat Impaired Mouth Syndrome collaboratively.
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3D Jaw Diagnostics® and redevelopment for dentists. Online & hands-on training & case mentoring.

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Airway diagnosis & supportive therapies for non-dental health professionals. Introductory online course & holistic mouth consultant certification.

Dr. Liao AMD Specialist

Meet Dr. Felix Liao

Felix Liao, DDS, is a bestselling author and thought-leader in natural wellness and the mind/mouth/body connection. He is the founder and director of the Whole Health Dental Center in Falls Church, VA, and has served as president of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine.

A practicing dentist for more than 30 years, Dr. Liao gained acclamation for having identified Impaired Mouth Syndrome as an overlooked source of many medical and dental issues – and for developing an effective intervention framework for redeveloping an impaired mouth into a holistic mouth. He is the author of the bestselling books Six-Foot Tiger, Three-Foot Cage and Early Sirens, and the just released Amazon Best Seller Licensed to Thrive.

Clients share their experience

"I have to tell you that my excitement about this is great!!!! I have so many patients that want to get the exam and learn more about it that if they really go through treatment I will not know what to do with myself 😂😂😂😂😂 I say at least 90% of my patients are suffering from 3 foot Cage at various degree, including children of my family, friends, and staff."
Dr. Doris Ferres
Dr. Doris Ferres
Vero Beach, FL
“I can’t unsee it [signs of impaired mouth] now. Every time I take a class with Dr. Liao, I leave with at least a dozen new pearls of knowledge. It’s has been life-changing and paradigm-shifting.”
Dr. Teresa Scott
Spring, TX
“I’ve done AMD-101-210 so far. I enjoyed seeing the full set of records to analyze posture in addition to dental factors. I also Like developing the WholeHealth knowledge base. I’m looking at airways and maxillary position more critically… Thank you for organizing your curriculum so I’m able to learn when I have available time. I have passed your contact information on to another dentist friend of mine.”
Dr. Bronwen Richards
Quad City, IA

Books by Dr. Felix Liao

Amazon Best Selling Author | The life-changing trio of books.

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