Your child?s orofacial and dental development starts well before birth. In the Whole Health approach, a partnership between parents and a doctor of holistic mouth is encouraged, with the following ideals in mind:


Immediately After Birth

First 18 Months

Dental Care and Holistic Mouth Checkups

Red Flags of Impaired Mouth Development in Children

Medical Clues

____ Allergies, frequent colds, inflamed tonsils, headaches
____ Earaches, recurrent ear infections, or stuffiness
____ Accidents, head trauma, broken nose, falls, scars from stitches
____ Attention deficit or hyperactivity
____ Tiredness, low energy, socially withdrawn

Facial Appearance

____ Forward head (ear hole ahead of shoulder point in profile), slumped posture
____ Uneven ears or eyes
____ Narrow nostrils
____ Small (weak) chin
____ Dry or parched lips, lack of lip seal
____ Deep chin cleft
____ ?Gummy? smile
____ Overly long ?horse? face or overly flat ?bulldog? midface

Dental Clues

____ Teeth grinding
____ Thumb sucking
____ Open bite (space between upper and lower front teeth for thumb or tongue)
____ Crowded or crooked (rotated or turned) front teeth
____ Deep bite (upper front teeth overlaps more than half of lower front teeth)
____ Cross bite (any lower front or back tooth/teeth)
____ Mismatched upper and lower dental mid-lines
____ Jaw opening-closing zig-zagging or deviated instead of straight/smooth

Lifelong Benefits of an Early Holistic Mouth Checkup

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