Disease enters by mouth, and disaster exits by mouth. ~ Chinese Proverb

What does health require of you, the owner-operator of your mind, body, and mouth?

The short answer has two parts: (A) to rule out an impaired mouth, and (B) to evaluate your mouth style. That’s because your mouth drives your health in two major ways: A. Impaired mouth (“three-foot den”) pinched airway (from tongue as “six-foot tiger”) as the root of poor sleep, head-bite-spine misalignment, and related health troubles. B. Mouth style – how you own and operate your mouth to build or undermine your health with foods, drinks, emotions, and relationships. HolisticMouthSolutions.com is a go-to site for how to take charge of your health starting with your mouth. It’s important to find find out if you have an impaired mouth that disrupts sleep, blocks airway, grinds teeth, and causing related complications. Health quest has no chance when the mouth is a physical handicap, yet an impaired mouth is routinely overlooked.

You can take off your high heels or pinchy glasses when you get home, but you can’t remove an impaired mouth when you go to sleep – until now.

Find out more in Dr. Liao’s newly released book, Six-Foot Tiger, Three-Foot Cage: Take Charge of Your Health by Taking Charge of Your Mouth. Now available in paperback or for download on Kindle.  
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