“Airway redevelopment is among the most powerful and best appreciated modalities in biological dentistry. A Holistic Mouth supports whole body health through ABCDES: alignment, breathing, circulation, digestion, energy, and sleep.” ~ Dr. Felix Liao

Your current and new patients are turning blue

waiting for you to become a Holistic Mouth doctor.

Who will rescue them if not you?

Expand Your Brand to Holistic Mouth Doctor™ (HMD). A HMD can deliver: • A wider airway to upgrade whole body health through sleep. • An occlusion to reduce pain and fatigue by aligning head-jaws-spine. • Holistic Mouth as a natural solution to Impaired Mouth Syndrome. Why Expand Your Brand from Tooth Doctor to Holistic Mouth Doctor? • Better Outcome, Higher Income, Bigger Impact with less physical demand.Crowded Teeth • What % of your patients suffer from Snoring, Teeth Grinding, TMJ Dysfunctions, Persistent Sensitivities, One Dental Trouble After Another? • What’s % of your patients come with High Blood Pressure, Brian Fog, Hypothyroidism, Overweight, Depression/Anxiety, Cancer, Sleep Apnea. What Is Holistic Mouth Doctor-in-Training™? • 5 seminars over @ 10 months with mentoring for your first 5 DNA cases through Phase I orthopedics. (4 seminars for those already certified in DNA appliances) • Developing your WholeHealth knowledge base for better outcome. • Gain experience confidence for the 10 documented cases required for HMD™. HMD-in-Training™ is a series of 5 seminars covering: 1. Overview & ChairSide Diagnostics to become an Impaired Mouth Investigator. 2. FastTrack DNA Appliance Seminar to become a certified provider. 3. WholeHealth Diagnostics and Integration to become a Holistic Mouth Consultant. 4. Successful appliance delivery to become a WholeHealth treatment planner. 5. Successful airway redevelopment to become a Holistic Mouth Solutions™ provider.

Contact Dr. Liao for more information about Seminar-1, and Seminars 2-5 details: email: drfelixliao@gmail.com | Cell: 703-424-0322 cell

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