My friend and patient is the blogger in question! Help me help them to celebrate!
Since 1999, The Weston A. Price Foundation has taught ancestral wisdom for optimal health today. We have continually been at the forefront of the real food movement—encouraging dietary and farming practices that are good for the earth and good for us. In 2016, we launched the Wise Traditions podcast to disseminate this ancient, valuable information in a modern way. Every 30-minute episode highlights a guest with expertise in everything from farming to ferments.
Just recently, at the two-year anniversary of the show, we reached the milestone of ONE MILLION downloads/listens! Thank you for listening, sharing and supporting this show. It is expanding our reach exponentially.
And special thanks are due to the host and producer of the show Hilda Labrada Gore. Her skill, vision, energy and enthusiasm have been invaluable in the success of the podcast.
Have you started listening yet? If so, you know why it’s so popular. If you haven’t and wish to, just log onto our website, click on the ‘BLOGS & PODCAST’ tab and select the episodes that draw your attention.
Speaking of which, I want to highlight three of my favorite episodes from this past year:
#94 Why is losing weight so difficult? with Dr. Zoe Harcombe
Zoe explains how food intolerances, candida and hypoglycemia may be sabotaging our attempts to find good health. According to Zoe, starchy carbohydrates have become the world’s most accessible and acceptable drug. She gives practical suggestions for avoiding this “drug” and embarking on a real food diet for improved health and weight loss.
#81 Why is our food system so broken? with Pam Hess
Pam is the executive director of Arcadia, a non-profit committed to getting fresh food to under-served communities. She explains in clear terms what has led to our current health crisis. She explains how the invention of automobiles, the mechanization of farms and even farm subsidies have played a role in distancing us from our food sources. We have prioritized cheap processed goods over real food and we are paying the price with our health.
The show has something for everyone. There are many reasons to tune in. So please do! And finally, stay tuned for an upcoming contest on Facebook and Instagram on Tuesday, January 23rd, in honor of the ONE MILLION download mark. We are going to be giving away access to videos from our Wise Traditions conference–which include many guests who have been on the show.
Sincere thanks for making this a success!
Sally Fallon Morell
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