Can you tell yet that I am passionate about whole body health? And that much of that health can stem from proper airway health? Many environmental factors affect us in our time and can cause insufficient airway development. That’s where Mouth Doctors come in! We look at the whole person and how we can hep that path to health. We talk about nutrition, healthy habits and airway health because it may take more than one healthy habit improvement to get the optimal results you are looking for and deserve! And encouraging healthy airway expansion, in my experience, is a key factor in many cases. There is a lot more information in my books Six Foot Tiger, Three Foot Cage and Early Sirens. I also periodically host free lectures open to the public with an RSVP and of course training seminars to help more health professional to see with a Mouth Doctors eyes (Schedule listed here)! Health professionals are also welcome to schedule their first complimentary phone session with me here!
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