System Thinking for Breakthrough Health: Mind-Body-Mouth-Airway-Sleep

May 18-19, 2018

7635 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, Virginia 22043 10 miles from Washington DC Early Registration Discount Expires April 20, 2018

Fatigue, aches and pains, brain fog, and overweight are common symptoms in both hypothyroidism and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). OSA in turn leads to many medical, dental, and mood symptoms which can also have many co-causes. How can you get breakthrough results for your patients who have “hit a ceiling”? How can you upgrade your own health and well-being beyond what you know? You are invited to join us for the first ever WholeHealth Integration Summit to bring leading-edge solutions for treating sleep-airway-mouth issues at the root-cause level. WholeHealth is an integrative model that sees all parts of the body as inter-connected and seamlessly coordinated. How do we deliver WholeHealth to all patients regardless of the doctor’s license? WholeHealth Integration Summit bridges the gaps in oral-systemic awareness and turns specialty silos into integrative collaboration. What do your patients’ total health and wellness require of you? How can you take better care of your own health? New cultures arise where two rivers meet. Breakthrough health happens when different healthcare professionals come together. Come to see some amazing cases and real-life examples. Experience WholeHealth Integration for yourself personally and professionally. Attend this Summit on through system thinking so you can bring it back to your patients and family.

Topics and Speakers

Friday, May 18, 2018

How Thyroid and Oxytocin Hormones Affect You and Your Patients by Dr. Jorge Flechas, MD. A dysfunctional thyroid means a functionally-disabled patient who cannot respond to standard treatment. Oxytocin deficiency can manifest as autism, fibromyalgia and erectile dysfunction later in life. Dr. Flechas will concentrate on use of iodine in the process of making thyroid hormones. Low iodine or low thyroid can give person(s) large tongue with scalloping. Anti-depressants and environmental PCBs can depress thyroid function to result in myxedema of the tongue and aggravate airway in OSA patients. Signaling Hormones in Aging and Health beyond Reproduction by Dr. George W. Yu, MD, Clinical Professor of Urological Cancer Surgery, George Washington University Medical Center & Aegis Medical & Research Associates and the Sex, adrenal, and thyroid hormones have major impact on maintenance of health beyond the reproductive years for women and men. Dr. Yu will show how Testosterone, Estradiol, Progesterone, Cortisol, thyroid T4 and T3, Insulin, Nitric Oxide serve as signaling hormones to direct proper cellular and organelle mitochondria functions. You will learn the importance of oxygen on mitochondria dysfunctions relating to chronic diseases such as breast cancer and Alzheimer’s, and more. Integrating Nitric Oxide Support for Oral Sleep Appliance Therapy by Dr. Nathan Bryan, Ph.D. Nitric oxide is THE hormone of the century, and Dr. Bryant has been a pre-eminent authority in nitric oxide research and clinical innovations. New research reveals a critical role of the oral microbiome in maintenance of nitric oxide production. Dr. Bryan will show how the body makes nitric oxide, clinical consequences in people who can’t make it, and best of all, how to restore normal nitric oxide production in humans. This has clinical relevance in all chronic degenerative conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, sexual dysfunction, oral diseases, and sleep apnea.

Saturday, May 19. 2018

Head-Jaws-Neck Postural Evaluation and Corrections by Dr. Chris Chapman, DC, BCAO. “An optimally balanced body starts with a balanced head and neck, then a balanced jaw and bite. Published data supports a significant synergistic effect in adults’ craniofacial alignment when oral appliance therapy is used in combination with Transdermal Atlas Positioning (TAP) procedures such as Atlas-Orthogonal.” Dr. Chapman will show how to evaluate a patient’s cranio-cervical structures, cross-correlate signs and symptoms, and how chiro-dental teamwork can produce more sustainable head-jaws-neck alignment for your patients and yourself. Integrating Postural Restoration and Oral Appliance Therapy by Dr. Heather Carr, DPT, PRC, NTP, MTC, OCS. Interconnected neuro-sensory postural patterns from the foot up through the pelvis, spine, rib cage, neck, and cranium including how we process visual and vestibular information can affect occlusion, and vice versa. This presentation explores these connections in relation to asymmetrical cranial and malocclusion, anterior open bite, TMJD, chronic cranio-mandibular-cervical pain, breathing patterns, and more. Cranio-Sacral Respiration and Therapy: An Introduction by Judith Sullivan with optional hands-on workshop. Experience first-hand how the cranium actually “breathes” like the chest, and learn why some symptoms do not resolve until the brain case is freed from sutural strains. Nutritional Basics and Support for Sleep Apnea Patients by Margo Kirzhner, MS, HHC, AMFC. Margo will share the truths about food quality and why patients can’t heal without cleaning up their gut through diet. The Role of a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Coach by Lisa Jackson, RN, CHC, RYT-500, FDN-P, AFMC will integrate all the pieces by sharing her healing journey from hypertension, adrenal fatigue and sleep apnea. There are many teaching points from her own and client cases. Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Clinical Perspective by Jasmine Ma, L.Ac., PhD candidate in stroke rehab and prevention integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern western medicine. Jasmine will explain TCM principles for you to maintain health, restore inner balance, and show you ways to unblock your body’s energy channels (meridians), relieve chronic pain, and activate healing in real time. Volunteers can sign up in advance at no charge under Registration item-2. By the end of the WHI Summit, attendees will know:
  • What WholeHealth integration means in concept and in practice.

  • Why new eyes are needed to see beyond the “silo” that limits each profession.

  • Who you’d want to co-treat with, regardless of your specialty or expertise.

  • A smarter approach to “heal thyself” beyond your current knowledge base.

Bonus: Speakers graciously granted access to their powerpoint presentations at no additional charge later. This is a low key, high-yield, homespun yet pioneering event. You will enjoy discovering new solutions and networking with fellow integrative healthcare professionals.

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