Early Sirens Book“WholeHealth,” writes Dr. Liao in Early Sirens: Critical Health Warnings & Holistic Mouth Solutions for Snoring, Teeth Grinding, Jaw Clicking, Chronic Pain, Fatigue, and More, “is a state of physical, emotional, nutritional, and mental well-being in balance (homeostasis in medical terms), which requires contributions from all parts of the body to function normally.”


In this WholeHealth view, symptoms are reactions to some causes(s) disrupting of that balance internally and structurally. Finding and treating disruptive causes can help the body return to balance and heal itself naturally.

Many patients see a specialist for each body part in trouble and still do not feel well as a whole. Why? The human body is amazing and amazingly complex. It is understandable that medical science started with reduction – that is, breaking the Whole into parts through dissection, microscopes, and molecular studies. Treatments evolved along the way with varying effectiveness. Focusing on a part misses the Whole.

The opposite of WholeHealth thinking is silo mentality: “That’s not my department as a specialist — only this is.” This “in my box” mentality perpetuates the divide between the parts and the Whole and limits treatment effectiveness. Some cases of neck pain do get better with medications or chiropractic adjustments, but the vast majority relapse.

Missing snoring, teeth grinding, and other early clues leads to an ever escalating Impaired Mouth Syndrome. Similarly, missing Impaired Mouth Syndrome eventually results in morbid outcomes such as broken and dead teeth, bulging disks in the neck and low back, heart attack, stroke, sleep apnea, fatigue, mood issues, brain fog, and other degenerative brain symptoms. Higher cost and lower efficacy result from leaving the mouth off the body map in the minds of healthcare professionals and patients alike.

WholeHealth integration is the solution. You can connect the dots of gums disease with heart and brain disease only if you can see beyond your own viewfinders. The artificial and bureaucratic divides of medicine, dentistry, chiropractics, acupuncture, nutrition, etc. do not exist inside the body, and these divisions limits treatment outcome because the body works not by departments but by seamless integration of all parts and systems functioning as a Whole.

Finding a root cause to a symptom requires oral-systemic investigative work, which in turn requires a wide knowledge base of mind, body, mouth, airway, sleep, nutrition, stress and lifestyle habits, etc. Finding Impaired Mouth as a cause can actualize fuller genetic potential, renew vigor, save teeth, and bring on facial radiance, as we have seen.

WholeHealth unifies not only the parts inside the body, but also the patients with their health-caring professionals clinically.


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