Become An Integrative Mouth Consultant for Non-dentist Health Professionals

Recognize Impaired Mouth Syndrome and Collaborate with an Airway Mouth Doctor
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A Path to Breakthrough Outcomes

Every chronically-ill patient needs a fully functional mouth — one that can support whole body health with airway, sleep and nutrition. Got patients with CPAP Intolerance, anxiety, depression, and inflammation and obesity from stress eating?

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Why Integrative Mouth Consultant?

An Integrative Mouth Consultant is a non-dentist health professional with training to recognize Impaired Mouth Syndrome and work with an AMD. A fully functional mouth is basic to physiology and homeostasis, but Impaired Mouth Syndrome was coined only 2017. Learn how to collaborate with an AMD to produce breakthrough outcomes. An AMD in turn is trained to send out a steady stream of functional medicine and body work referrals.
How It Works

Integrative Mouth Consultant Certification

Dr. Felix’s Integrative Mouth Certification empowers you to detect signs and connect symptoms of Impaired Mouth Syndrome to begin the diagnostics and integrative collaboration for breakthrough outcome.


OneLook Webinar

Grow new eyes to see surface signs of Impaired Mouth Syndrome and recognized the need to collaborate with an AMD.


Attend Live Trainings

Learn simple yet powerful ways to evaluate the mouth to rule in Impaired Mouth Syndrome for referral to AMD.


Complete Two Cases

One of these can be yourself if you like, and the other can be the AMD you choose to work with.
If there’s no currently certified AMD in your area, you are welcome – and encouraged – to recruit a local dentist to become an AMD-in-training. Dr. Felix will help design oral appliances for the trainee to deliver, adjust, and monitor.


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The Difference

How is IMC Certification Training Different from Other Airway Residencies?

For one, you’ll be learning from the clinician who first identified Impaired Mouth Syndrome and one of the key external clues to its existence, now known as “Liao’s Sign.” You’ll literally be learning from the man who wrote the book on such matters – three of them, in fact. A thought-leader in the airway, biological dentistry, and WholeHealth integration, Dr. Felix’s program will help you elevate your practice by providing more comprehensive, collaborative care for patients whose airways are keeping them from enjoying vibrant health.
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Breakthrough outcomes. Higher income. Lower stress. Superior job satisfaction. Greater personal wellness.

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