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Do you suffer from teeth grinding, aches & pains, chiro adjustments not holding, CPAP intolerance, crowded teeth after braces come off, waking up tired, anxiety, depression, pot belly, double chin?

Dr. Liao coined these terms to highlight the mouth as a root cause.

Pivotal Role

The mouth plays a pivotal role in American’s life and death, either through airway obstruction during sleep, or unhealthy diet, or both.

A structurally impaired mouth means a choked airway and oxygen deficiency that wreaks havoc through the body as a whole. An impaired mouth style means using the mouth in ways that undermine health – through diet, eating habits, breathing habits, and more.

The good news is that a structurally impaired mouth can be transformed into a holistic mouth – one that supports all the components of good health: Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Digestion, Energy, and Sleep. This can even be accomplished in adults – something long thought impossible before the advent of epigenetic oral appliances.

Similarly, patients with an impaired mouth style can be trained to trade in poor eating habits for healthier ones to reduce high blood sugar, pressure, and inflammation.

AMDs are trained to identify and treat oral contributions to many medical, dental, and mood symptoms, in collaboration with all healthcare professionals.

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Help your patients breathe, eat, and sleep easier.

The holistic mouth knowledge and solutions that may finally resolve long-standing health concerns of your patients.

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Breakthrough outcomes. Higher income. Lower stress. Superior job satisfaction. Greater personal wellness.

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