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Airway Mouth Doctor Curriculum & Certification

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The Path to Thriving Health Goes Through the Mouth. AMD Training turns you from a tooth-centered dentist to an airway-centered mouth doctor with amazing job satisfaction. Your patients are turning blue waiting for you to show up as AMD to rescue their teeth and upgrade their health.

How It Works

AMD Training & Certification

Dr. Liao’s Airway Mouth Doctor Certification Training teaches you how to diagnose cases and deliver outcomes like those shown in his three books.

The two-part process starts with basic training and culminates with certification. Completion empowers the diligent student to gradually take command of new cases with less and less mentoring, until you are reliably diagnosing and successfully treating your patients with airway issues, bruxing, TMD, chronic pain and fatigue, persistent dental sensitivity, and one dental problem after another.

24 hours on OneLook Chair Side Investigation and WholeHealth integration of mind-body-mouth + 9 hours of 3D Jaw Diagnostics® for designing oral appliances

30 hours of interactive learning on WholeHealth History & Physical Evaluation, Patient Interview, Dr. Liao’s proven messaging and clinical techniques + Demos of appliance delivery and adjustment of Liao’s Groove (patent pending), and monitoring visits + Group diagnosis of cases brought by attendee and go home with cases solved and appliance designed.

Available under a separate opt-in agreement on case diagnosis, appliance design, informed consent, whole-health support/referrals specific to each case, progress monitoring, and definition of Phase I orthopedic end point;
20 cases completed with proper documentation plus passing an oral examination with Dr. Liao on 2 new cases unassisted.
Dr. Felix 100 Level Course
AMD 100 Modules

The 100-level modules cover Mind-Body-Mouth Integrations

AMD-101: OneLook CSI (Chair Side Investigation) To See Airway Cases

AMD-102: Why Alignment, Breathing, Circulation Precedes Dentistry

AMD-103: Sleep Bruxing and Airway Diagnosis

AMD-104: TMJ and Chronic Pain Simplified

AMD-105: Chronic Pain (Continued) and WholeHealth Integration Part-1

AMD-106: Thyroid, Adrenals, Sleep, Immunity, and WholeHealth Integration Part-2

AMD-107: Nasal Airway, Typical American vs. Bone-Building Diet

AMD-108: Airway Case Documentation and Patient Engagement To Start Treatment

AMD-109: Children’s Dental-facial Development

AMD-110: Essential Oils and LO3X for Dentists

Additionally, you are also given the option to have an appliance of your own diagnosed and designed by Dr. Liao (extra fee required)

The 200-level modules cover Sassouni Plus cephalometric analysis and 3D Jaw Diagnostics for appliance design:

AMD-201: 3D Jaw Diagnostics ® Overview & Sassouni Plus Cephalometrics Overview

AMD-202: S+ Part 2 of 4: Maxilla Length & Position + Mandible Overview

AMD-203: S+ Part 3 of 4: Mandibular Length & Position + Airway and TMD Diagnosis

AMD-204: S+ Part 4 of 4: Super Skeletal Vertical + Adjusting for Tipped Palatal Plane

AMD-205: Appliance Design Overview Using 3D Jaw Diagnostics®

AMD-206: Assemble Your Case & Let’s Design Your Appliances

AMD 200 Modules

The AMD-300 modules

Hands-on participation seminars in person of 2-days each. AMD-300s build on webinar instructions to engage patients, including:
The Difference

How Is AMD Certification Training Different from Other Airway Residencies?

For one, you’ll be learning from the health innovator who first identified Impaired Mouth Syndrome and one of the key external clues to its existence, now known as “Liao’s Sign.” You’ll literally be learning from the author who wrote the book on such matters – three of them, in fact. A thought-leader in the airway, biological dentistry, and WholeHealth integration, Dr. Liao has created a program to transform you from a general dentist into a wellness doctor who can take charge of the mouth to upgrade whole body health and bolster innate immunity for your patients. If you’re anything like other practicing AMDs, you’ll find your job satisfaction – and practice profitability – reaching new heights.
Dr. Liao AMD Specialist

Dr. Liao’s AMD Training &
Certification Provides

• Airway & Alignment diagnosis to support sleep and mitigate pain and fatigue.

• 3D Jaw Diagnostics®: a powerful diagnostic tool to design predictably successful appliances.

• Save More Teeth & Implants: resolve teeth grinding by relieving airway obstruction

• WholeHealth Integration: why natural health starts with and AMD improving both airway and sleep.

• Solutions for “Dental Mysteries”: lingering pain after RCT, TMJD, persistent sensitivity, peri-implantitis, etc.

• WholeHealth Compatible Dentistry: Know why Alignment, Breathing and Circulation must come before dental implants.

• A New Revenue Stream: Tap into airway and pain needs already within your patients.

• Mentoring: Priceless guidance for your first 10 cases to get you over the early humps with optional separate agreement.

• An amazing Return on Investment: Just three airway cases cover the tuition of your entire training.

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Breakthrough outcomes. Higher income. Lower stress. Superior job satisfaction. Greater personal wellness.

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