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Impaired Mouth Symptoms
Impaired Mouth Syndrome Diagnosis

Too often, the real cause is overlooked: Impaired Mouth Syndrome.

Our patients’ bodies pay a steep price when their mouths are structurally impaired. Conversely, when we turn Impaired Mouths into Holistic Mouths that support sleep, airway, and energy, we’re providing our patients with a natural and sustainable solution that will leave them forever grateful.

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Holistic Mouth Solutions

Do your patients struggle with any of the following?

• Stiff necks
• Sore shoulders
• Low back pain
• High blood pressure
• Chronic fatigue
• Persistent depression
• Crowded lower teeth
• Teeth grinding
• Snoring
• Wake up tired
• Adrenal exhaustion

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What is an
Airway Mouth Doctor?

An Airway Mouth Doctor (AMD) is a dentist who has been properly trained to diagnose and treat airway issues in a holistic way. Eliminating snoring, sleep apnea, teeth grinding, TMJ, chronic pain, fatigue, and a host of other health challenges, without medication or surgery. The key is to correct the oral infrastructure so it supports ABCDES: Alignment, Breathing, Circulation, Digestion, Energy, and Sleep. We work in close collaboration with physicians, therapists, and other health professionals who are attuned to the importance of the airway in whole body health. For, insofar as Impaired Mouth Syndrome distorts posture, blocks the airway, and disrupts sleep, it creates serious medical, dental, and mood symptoms, not to mention significant negative financial consequences. We can serve our patients much better by recognizing that mouth and body are intricately connected and working together to promote robust whole body health – no departmental lines, no special interests, just Whole Health. A new era of Oral-Systemic health is upon us, and it’s high time for dentists like you to vastly expand your practice by becoming a true mouth doctor. Holistic Mouth Solutions is ready to help you succeed.

A Correct Diagnosis Made All the Difference

On October 4, 2015, Jenna sustained a severe blow from a falling movie camera. Over the next 12 months, this 37-year old nursing school instructor and mother of two found her life severely limited by a wheelchair, cane, and neck brace. Although she had seen more than 30 doctors, her condition continued to worsen – until an Airway Mouth Doctor correctly diagnosed her with Impaired Mouth Syndrome and restored her health through a combination of oral appliances and cranio-sacral therapy.
Jenna's improvements just in the first week of treatment.
Jenna’s improved walking with appliance therapy.

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Dr. Liao AMD Specialist

Dr. Liao’s AMD Training &
Certification Provides

• Airway & Alignment diagnosis to support sleep and mitigate pain and fatigue.

• 3D Jaw Diagnostics®: a powerful diagnostic tool to design predictably successful appliances.

• Save More Teeth & Implants: resolve teeth grinding by relieving airway obstruction

• WholeHealth Integration: why natural health starts with and AMD improving both airway and sleep.

• Solutions for “Dental Mysteries”: lingering pain after RCT, TMJD, persistent sensitivity, peri-implantitis, etc.

• WholeHealth Compatible Dentistry: Know why Alignment, Breathing and Circulation must come before dental implants.

• A New Revenue Stream: Tap into airway and pain needs already within your patients.

• Mentoring: Priceless guidance for your first 10 cases to get you over the early humps with optional separate agreement.

• An amazing Return on Investment: Just three airway cases cover the tuition of your entire training.

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