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Dr. Liao is a health educator of the highest order.

You may already know some of the ways in which your mouth can affect your health.

You may have heard about the links between gum disease and many chronic inflammatory conditions, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, cognitive decline, and more. You may know about the burden that “silver” mercury amalgam fillings can place on your body. You may be aware of the risks of root canaled teeth and the problem of cavitations.

But far fewer people understand the impact that mouth structure can have on oral and whole body health alike – until they’ve read Dr. Liao’s trio of books that explore the relationships among mouth structure, mouth style, and total health.

Once they have, they find themselves in a position to take charge of their own health and well-being like they never have before. They find the Holistic Mouth Solutions they didn’t even really know they were seeking until they learned of this life-changing trio of books.

Your Child's Best Face

Do you have kids with crowded teeth, tilted head, poor posture, and/or chapped lips, frequent colds and cavities?

Will your child grow up with top health and natural facial glow? How big will your child’s orthodontic bill be someday if you don’t do something different now?

A well-developed face empowers health and performance in both adults and children. This short book is a concise primer for parents to bring out your child’s own Best Face, which is far more than straight teeth. Best Face connects your child’s mouth with airway, sleep, learning, posture, face, and energy for growth.


Six-Foot Tiger, Three-Foot Cage

This first book in the series shows how your mouth is critical infrastructure supporting sleep and supplying oxygen – the most essential nutrient your body needs. When the jaws are underdeveloped, so is the airway. Without enough room, the tongue becomes like a six-foot tiger being contained in a three-foot cage.

An impaired mouth can still eat, drink, talk, and smile, but its crowded teeth in narrow and misaligned jaws interfere with alignment, breathing, circulation, digestion, energy, and sleep (ABCDES). This contributes to common health troubles, such as snoring, sleep apnea, teeth grinding, aches and pains, adrenal exhaustion, chronic fatigue, and one dental problem after another. But with the help of an Airway Mouth Doctor, an impaired mouth can be transformed into a holistic mouth – one that’s structurally developed to support whole body health through ABCDES.

Through illuminating case histories and clear, accessible discussions of the science that supports this oral/systemic approach, this book will show you exactly how you can change your mouth from a health blocker to a health builder.

6 Foot Tiger, 3 Foot Cage Book
Early Sirens Book

Early Sirens

Early Sirens is the first book ever to offer critical health warning signs long before sleep apnea so you can take steps to head off a future of CPAP and sleep apnea’s many complications: heart problems, Alzheimer’s, acid reflux, chronic pain, fatigue, stroke, high blood pressure, and more.

Here, Dr. Liao connects the dots between snoring, teeth grinding, jaw clicking, upper body pain, chronic fatigue, root canals, and one dental trouble after another, showing how poor sleep results from a choked airway due to an impaired mouth structure.

Rich with real-life case histories and scientific evidence, Early Sirens shows you exactly how and why these relationships occur. Understanding the early warning signs of sleep apnea and its consequences, you’ll learn more steps you can take to address them now, before they become big – and difficult and expensive – dental and medical problems.

Licensed to Thrive

Licensed to Thrive isn’t your usual diet book. It’s a primer on HOW to eat to build thriving health naturally. It’s meant to support your own efforts at self-care in ways that can amplify treatment, enhance recovery, and build health.

Where the first two books in the series focus on mouth STRUCTURE, Licensed to Thrive focuses on mouth STYLE as a help or hindrance to good health.

Yes, just as you have a lifestyle, you also have a “mouth style” – how you use your mouth to eat, drink, and relate to people and Planet Earth. What you eat is only a part of it. It’s also how fast you eat, how often, in what mood, and at what time. Most importantly, it includes knowing the difference between eating “too much” and stopping at “just right” so you can fully enjoy life, not suffer in illness.

You, as the owner/operator of your mouth are the one to take charge. This book shows you how.

License to Thrive Book

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