Our friends at Weston Price Had a HUGE Milestone last month! Check it out!

Weston Price

My friend and patient is the blogger in question! Help me help them to celebrate! ?ONE?MILLION?DOWNLOADS! Since 1999, The Weston A. Price Foundation has taught ancestral wisdom for optimal health today. We have continually been at the forefront of the real food movement?encouraging dietary and farming practices that are good for the earth and good […]

Next Complimentary Seminar from Dr. Felix Liao!

heavy snoring health risks

Snoring, Sleep Apnea, Teeth Grinding, Chronic Pain & Fatigue: Root Causes and Holistic Mouth Solutions 1-3 pm, Sunday, February 25, 2018 at 7635 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church VA 22043 Is your mouth is a health builder, or trouble maker? As the gateway into the body, the mouth is a critical yet unseen infrastructure to turn […]

Mouth Drs in Training in Denver!

Mouth Doctors Training in Denver

Dr. Felix Liao is passionate about helping others to see and connect the dots between airway development and whole health. Want to learn more? Schedule a phone consultation! If there is enough interest in a particular city you might find him teaching a seminar there! Check out these smiling health professionals in Denver!

Meet Dr. Felix Liao ? The Founder of Holistic Mouth?Solutions

Dr. Liao

Dr. Felix Liao is a thought leading bestselling author in dental contributions to medical symptoms and natural wellness.?He founded and directs the Whole Health Dental Center in Falls Church, Virginia, created the HolisticMouthSolutions.com website, and is the President of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine. Dr. Liao has thirty-plus years as a holistic/biological […]

Why Should YOU become an Holistic Mouth Doctor?

Dr Felix Cover

?Airway redevelopment is among the most powerful and best appreciated modalities in biological dentistry. A Holistic Mouth supports whole body health through ABCDES: alignment, breathing, circulation, digestion, energy, and sleep.? ~ Dr. Felix Liao Your current and new patients are turning blue waiting for you to become a Holistic?Mouth doctor. Who will rescue them if […]

Turn Back Illness and Turn On Wellness

Dr. Liao

Disease enters by mouth, and disaster exits by mouth. ~ Chinese Proverb What does health require of you, the owner-operator of your mind, body, and mouth? The short answer has two parts: (A) to rule out an impaired mouth, and (B) to evaluate your mouth style. That’s because your mouth drives your health in two […]

Hot off the press:

Click Here for more info…   Just published! Early Sirens: Critical Health Warnings & Holistic Mouth Solutions for Snoring, Teeth Grinding, Jaw Clicking, Chronic Pain, Fatigue, and More http://bit.ly/earlysirens?