Your Mouth Drives Your Health

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Your Mouth Is The Source Of These & More:

See An Airway Mouth Doctor For Guidance On:

  • Degeneration & Oxygen Deprivation
  • Overwieght, Obesity & Sleep Apnea
  • ED Or PMS
  • Creeping Weight Gain Despite Exercise
  • High Blood Pressure Resistant To Treatment
  • Chronic Pain & Fatigue
Killer Disease Iceberg

Oxygen Deprivation Has Deep Side Effects

  • The Mouth Is To Humans What Roots Are To Plants
  • Leading Causes Of Death All Start by Mouth
  • Poor Digestion + Poor Oxygen = Poor Health
  • Pain & Fatigue Can Be Reversed Naturally By Mouth

Repair Your Oxygen Levels Through the Mouth




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Patient John

"The issues I have had since childhood are being relieved or cured. I feel relief and have a better quality of life."
H. Elliott


"Waking up without a heavy head is the best thing in my life! I have more energy and am so happy!"
Patient X

Dr. Sylvia

"I am now a healer. This is the most important course I have ever taken. A paradigm shift!"
Dr. Sylvia

About Dr. Felix

Best Selling Author • Healthcare Innovator • Director of AMD Training empowering general dentists to become Airway Mouth Doctors

About AMD Training

Far From A Technical Course On Appliances

AMD Training enables dentists to address oral contributions to chronic pain, fatigue, teeth grinding, anxiety, depression, innate immunity and degenerative diseases. Your patients are turning blue just waiting for you to save them as an AMD.

Training with Dr. Felix shows you how to see airway & alignment cases at a glance, and offers a path to higher income, better outcomes at lower stress & without breaking the bank. How many of your patients show matching wear facets & abfractions? What percentage of your patients have chronic neck, shoulder, back pain & fatigue? AMD Training empowers a teeth-centered dentist into an airway-centered mouth doctor.