Early Sirens

Critical Health Warnings & Holistic Mouth Solutions for Snoring, Teeth Grinding, Jaw Clicking, Chronic Fatigue, & More

This book will change your life.

So many of our ailments are rooted in a common, underlying cause: lack of oxygen during sleep

Oxygen isn’t optional. It’s a required nutrient for life itself.

And when your body isn’t getting enough of it, it has plenty of ways of letting you know. Snoring. Teeth grinding. Jaw clicking. Upper body pain. Chronic fatigue. One dental problem after another. Heeding these early warnings and dealing with their root cause – an impaired mouth structure – means lowering your risk of a future leashed to CPAP and sleep apnea’s many complications: heart problems, Alzheimer’s, acid reflux, chronic pain, fatigue, stroke, high blood pressure, and more. Early Sirens provides you with an invaluable guide for taking charge of your whole health through his innovative Holistic Mouth Solutions.

“Dr. Liao takes the reader on an insightful journey to discover the root cause of common oral disturbances. The incredible connection between oral health and whole body health is stunning. Clear explanations will give you the power to understand what is happening to your body, and provides you with the vital information we all need to make educated choices around our healthcare. A must read for anyone who wants to heal the cause of their disease at the source, rather than just treating symptoms.”

Building upon the ideas first presented in Six-Foot Tiger, Three-Foot Cage,

Dr. Liao further illuminates the impact a pinched airway can have on your oral, systemic, and mental health – not to mention your pocketbook, due to the increased medical costs that result from chasing after symptoms instead of dealing with root causes. Rich with real-life case histories and ample scientific evidence, Early Sirens shows you exactly why these mouth/body relationships occur – and what you can do about it. Understanding the early warning signs of sleep apnea and its consequences, you’ll learn more steps you can take to address them now, before they become big – and difficult and expensive – dental and medical problems.

Written For Your Patients!

Anyone, layperson or professional, can benefit from [knowing] the early sirens or warning signs that our society is not currently recognizing. The chronic illnesses (hardening of the arteries, diabetes, dementia, arthritis, diseases of inflammation) that society faces could be greatly reduced. If these warnings are headed and correction implemented we do not need to go down the path to DIS-ease.

Early Sirens Book
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