AMD Training

AMD Training Course 301 with Dr. Felix Liao

AMD-300s are in-person participation seminars on the following:

About this Event

1. Impaired Mouth Syndrome Diagnosis and Treatment

2. Demo and Participation: Intake Interview, WholeHealth History & Physical

3. Construction Bite: evidence-based rationale and

4. Appliance delivery, adjustments, and face masks

5. Monitoring progress and WholeHealth Integration

6. Managing patient expectations, mitigating risks, and minimizing troubles

7. Group discussion of your cases and go back with appliances designed


Dr. Felix and Books


Apr 09 - 10 2021


8:30 am - 3:00 pm

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Destination Dental Multi Specialty Dental
155 Deacon Tiller Court, Duncan, SC 29334


Dr. Felix
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Holistic Mouth Solutions

Dr. Felix gained international acclaim for having identified “Impaired Mouth Syndrome” as the overlooked source of many medical and dental issues, and developing a “Holistic Mouth” intervention framework for correcting the root causes of many conditions that are otherwise very difficult to permanently resolve.

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