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Your Patients’ Mouths: Among the most overlooked driver of chronic pain, fatigue, and illness.

The structure and function of the mouth make the difference between a life of thriving health and one marked by years of chronic medical and dental problems. A Integrative Mouth Structure – one in which the jaws are fully developed, offering ample airway space for intake of oxygen, that most essential nutrient – supports robust, vibrant health. An Impaired Mouth, in which narrow jaws mean a narrow airway and insufficient oxygen intake, does just the opposite.

Holistic Mouth Specialist

Integrative Mouths support Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Digestion, Energy, and Sleep (ABCDES)

Just as a newborn grows from repeated cycles of feeding and sleeping, restoring a chronically-ill patient to a functional whole starts with the mouth and sleep. While it takes a special kind of dentist – an Airway Mouth Doctor – to transform an Impaired Mouth into a Holistic one, you can play a crucial role in identifying Impaired Mouth in your own patients and getting them the help they need to achieve a higher level of health and well-being.

Airway Mouth Doctors need you to provide the complementary care and therapy that brings about the best results when treating Impaired Mouth Syndrome. When we all work together to turn Impaired Mouths into Holistic Mouths that support sleep, airway, and energy, we’re providing our patients with a natural and sustainable solution that will leave them forever grateful.

A Correct Diagnosis Made All the Difference

On October 4, 2015, Jenna sustained a severe blow from a falling movie camera. Over the next 12 months, this 37-year old nursing school instructor and mother of two found her life severely limited by a wheelchair, cane, and neck brace. Although she had seen more than 30 doctors, her condition continued to worsen – until an Airway Mouth Doctor correctly diagnosed her with Impaired Mouth Syndrome and restored her health through a combination of oral appliances and cranio-sacral therapy.

Jenna's improvements just in the first week of treatment.
Jenna’s improved walking with appliance therapy

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What is an Integrative Mouth Consultant?

An Integrative Mouth Consultant is any health and healing professional who has been properly trained to identify the signs and symptoms of Impaired Mouth Syndrome and thoroughly understands the impact of the airway on overall health and well-being. Being airway-aware, they have also learned how the specific treatments and therapies they provide can complement the work of Airway Mouth Doctors to the benefit of their mutual patients. Like dentists, Integrative Mouth Consultants are in a most strategic position to identify oral contributions to inflammation, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and more. Are you beginning to see the incredible opportunity you have to make a more positive and profound difference for your patients, yourself, and your practice, than ever before? We can serve our patients much better by recognizing that mouth and body are intricately connected and working together to promote robust whole body health – no departmental lines, no special interests, just WholeHealth.

A new era of Oral-Systemic health is upon us, and it’s high time for dentists like you to vastly expand your practice by becoming a true mouth doctor. Holistic Mouth Solutions is ready to help you succeed.

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