Licensed to Thrive

International Best Seller!

Licensed to Thrive is GPS that every mouth owner-operator has always needed but never had — until now.

In this sequel to my ground-breaking books, Six-Foot Tiger, Three-Foot Cage and Early Sirens, you will learn how your mouth can sabotage your health without your knowing and how a structurally sound mouth sensibly used can turbocharge your energy, sleep, and innate immunity naturally.

Discover how to empower your immunity, reduce inflammation, avoid sleeping with a machine, or depends on medications, catheters, diapers, and walker as you age.

Licensed to Thrive is your “driver’s training” on how to own and operate your mouth to avoid crushing illness proactively.

Licensed to Thrive connects airway and sleep (mouth structure) with eating and stress (mouth style) to give you vibrant health naturally. Rich with breakthrough outcome, real- life cases, scientific evidence, and ancient wisdom, Licensed to Thrive shows why your health starts with your mouth, and how to put snoring, waking up tired, CPAP intolerance, sugar addiction and creeping overweight in your rear-view mirror.

Health-Enhancing and Life-Changing Gift

Give copies of this wonderful book to all of your doctors, your family, your friends. Reducing suffering and saving lives isn’t dramatic like in the operating room or the ER – but the satisfaction that you will feel in sharing this book will last with you forever.
License to Thrive Book
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