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About Relaunch Your Vitality

Are you locked in a prison of nagging pain and unending fatigue? Your mouth holds the key to your freedom. This concise new mini-book explains what has you imprisoned and how to walk out of that cell.

You will find out if you have an Impaired Mouth whose structure brings on pain and fatigue, and how to develop a Holistic Mouth that supports your airway and alignment in ways that can reduce pain and fatigue.

Are You Living With Undiagnosed Impaired Mouth Syndrome? 

Impaired Mouth Syndrome is a wide-ranging set of medical, dental, and mood symptoms. But as of 2022, Impaired Mouth is not yet on the radar of most doctors and dentists. That’s why pain treatment frequently relapses, fatigue persists, and the face lacks luster.

Read this book to discover:

  • What Impaired Mouth is and it the symptoms is creates.
  • Why living with Impaired Mouth can result in pain.
  • How sleeping with Impaired Mouth leads to waking up tired.
  • Real-life cases of pain and fatigue that have dramatically improved without surgery or medication through painlessly repairing Impaired Mouth.

You’ll see how many common symptoms go away without returning when Impaired Mouth is accurately diagnosed and correctly treated. You will be able to find a new breed of dentists with specialized training in the expanded skillset that helps fix Impaired Mouth.

Richly illustrated with slides and real-life cases, this mini-book is written by 3-time Amazon bestselling author, Dr. Felix Liao. Read it now in just a couple of hours so you can start your journey toward becoming pain-free with renewed energy.

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From The Book

Case #1: I never dreamed that my back pain could get better from an oral appliance!”

The slide below shows inwardly angled front teeth. This bad bite set him up for back and hip pain since getting braces in his teens. No one realized this until Mr. Miller’s Impaired Mouth was diagnosed and he started treatment.

The next slide shows Mr. Miller‘s comments on his treatment, which simply required a custom-designed upper oral appliance to correct his Impaired Mouth.

Is there actually an oral appliance can make such a difference with disruptive sleep and persistent pain?! Yes there is, and this comes as quite a surprise, not only to many patients, but to doctors and dentists too!

This is not just any off-the-shelf mouthpiece. It’s custom-designed to your unique needs through something called 3D Jaw Diagnostics®.

“Dr. Liao has a unique way of explaining the value of patent and open airway. Find out how your mouth can bring on your persistent pains and chronic fatigue.”
Dr. Dawn Ewing, Executive Director International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine
“Dr. Felix Liao has been one of the greatest influencers in my dental career. He taught me how to see with new eyes, the oral contributions to my patients’ systemic health issues. As a result, I have been able to bring on positive changes in my patients that will help them live longer, healthier lives.”
— Dr. Teresa Scott, President International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine

About the Author

Dr. Felix LIAO, DDS

Dr. Felix Liao has put the missing mouth back on the healthcare map with his 3 Amazon bestsellers: Six-Foot Tiger Three Foot Cage, Early Sirens, and Licensed to Thrive.

Those books established Dr. Felix as a thought leader in healthcare innovation. “Impaired Mouth Syndrome”, a term he coined in 2017, is providing remarkable advances in both dental practices and integrative healthcare.

Dr. Felix’s WholeHealth philosophy reconnects your mouth with your mind and body to produce breakthrough outcomes that had been possible before now. This has established him as the pioneering Airway Mouth Doctor (AMD) in dentistry’s evolution from teeth to mouth, and from jaws to airway & sleep, in upgrading whole body health.

In addition to being the Director of the AMD Training & Mentoring program, Dr. Felix still makes time to see patients 2 days a week in his Falls Church office in Virginia.


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