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Holistic Mouth Solutions Changed Their Practice

What the Dentists are saying.

Dr. Cristin Lewis

Nashville, TN

Dr. Greg Herre

Kansas City, KS

Dr. Hal Stewart

Flower Mound, TX

Dr. Tim Herre

Kansas City, KS

Holistic Mouth Solutions Changed Their Life

What the Patients are saying.

“It’s greatly improved my asthma!”


“This appliance changed my life.”


“Skeptical Surgeon became a believer.”

-Dr. Yu

“I can sleep soundly.”


“My hip doesn’t ache anymore.”

-Ms. Miller

“No more time out of work from cold or flu.”


Books by Dr. Felix Liao

Amazon Best Selling Author | The life-changing trio of books.

Begin Your Holistic Mouth Practice with Dr. Felix

Breakthrough outcomes. Higher income. Lower stress. Superior job satisfaction. Greater personal wellness.

Holistic Mouth Solutions

Dr. Felix gained international acclaim for having identified “Impaired Mouth Syndrome” as the overlooked source of many medical and dental issues, and developing a “Holistic Mouth” intervention framework for correcting the root causes of many conditions that are otherwise very difficult to permanently resolve.

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