Waking Up Tired?

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Your Mouth Holds the Key to Waking Up Refreshed!

Common Symptoms Of An Impaired Mouth: 

  • Snoring
  • Teeth Grinding & TMJ
  • Multiple Dental Troubles
  • Painful Jaws & Face
  • Headaches/Brain Fog
  • Fatigue
  • Depression/Anxiety

Start Dreaming Again!

  • Dreaming is proof of deep sleep which enables the body to recharge and heal
  • When you open the airway you deliver oxygen to the brain and the body
  • Children with deep sleep reduce the risk of mental health issues


Patient T

"I'm no longer desperate for a nap during the day!"
Patient T

Patient S

"My energy level has increased and I am able to run again! "
Patient S


" I was tied to a CPAP for years. Treated myself and I have thrown my CPAP in the trash!
Dr. Leslie

Dr. Katie

"I could not be more excited, this has answered questions I have had for 30+ years!"
Dr. Katie

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Discover how to recover your health & recharge your energy from an empty tank!

About Dr. Felix

Best Selling Author • Healthcare Innovator • Director of AMD Training empowering general dentists to become Airway Mouth Doctors

About AMD Training

Far From A Technical Course On Appliances

AMD Training enables dentists to address oral contributions to chronic pain, fatigue, teeth grinding, anxiety, depression, innate immunity and degenerative diseases. Your patients are turning blue just waiting for you to save them as an AMD.

Training with Dr. Felix shows you how to see airway & alignment cases at a glance, and offers a path to higher income, better outcomes at lower stress & without breaking the bank. How many of your patients show matching wear facets & abfractions? What percentage of your patients have chronic neck, shoulder, back pain & fatigue? AMD Training empowers a teeth-centered dentist into an airway-centered mouth doctor.