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About Your Child’s Best Face

Do you have kids with crowded teeth, tilted head, poor posture, and/or chapped lips, frequent colds and cavities?

Will your child grow up with top health and natural facial glow? How big will your child’s orthodontic bill be someday if you don’t do something different now?

A well-developed face empowers health and performance in both adults and children. This short book is a concise primer for parents to bring out your child’s own Best Face, which is far more than straight teeth. Best Face connects your child’s mouth with airway, sleep, learning, posture, face, and energy for growth.

The form and function of an under-developed mouth (the opposite of Best Face) creates lots of health troubles. Through this book you will discover:

  • What is a Best Face and how your child can develop one.
  • Red flags pointing to troubles your child is having now, or will be developing in the future.
  • Parenting strategies for promoting your child’s optimal oral-facial development
  • The new breed of family dentists with special training that equips them to bring out your child’s Best Face. They’re called Airway Mouth Doctors (AMDs).

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From The Book

What can you do for growing children with crowded teeth now? What conditions are needed to bring out the Best Face in your child’s genes? The same plant will blossom more fully in the sunshine than in the shadows.

3-time Amazon bestselling author Dr. Felix Liao shows how to nurture your child’s dental-facial growth naturally — without drugs, surgery, needles, drills, and without braces in some cases.

The great news: Best Face with naturally straight teeth is now possible when committed parents team up with trained AMDs.

Rich with amazing cases from average duckling to stand-out swan, this brief book is full of proactive pointers for you to bring out your child’s Best Face.

Your Child’s Best Face is every parent’s opportunity to nurture their child's jaw growth early on and set them on a path to being a healthy adult. You’re about to learn how you as a parent can effectively champion your child’s Best Face with top health and natural glow.
Dr, Ben Miraglia, DDS Co-Founder, Airway Health Solutions Board of Directors, American Academy of Physiological Medicine & Dentistry.
Your Child’s Best Face is packed with eye opening insights on the mouth as the start of many medical, dental, and mood symptoms. Seemingly unrelated conditions all get better when Best Face is brought on, including crooked teeth,  epilepsy, scoliosis, teeth grinding,  seasonable affect disorder (SAD), weak chin, and failure to thrive. You will never view your child or dentist the same way again after reading this book.
— Kimberly B. Whittle, Founder & CEO of KnoWEwell

About the Author

Dr. Felix LIAO, DDS

Dr. Felix Liao has put the missing mouth back on the healthcare map with his 3 Amazon bestsellers: Six-Foot Tiger Three Foot Cage, Early Sirens, and Licensed to Thrive.

Those books established Dr. Felix as a thought leader in healthcare innovation. “Impaired Mouth Syndrome”, a term he coined in 2017, is advancing dental practices and integrative healthcare.

Dr. Felix’s WholeHealth philosophy reconnects the mouth with the mind and body to produce many breakthrough outcomes. He is pioneering Airway Mouth Doctor (AMD) in dentistry’s evolution from teeth to mouth, from jaws to airway & sleep to upgrade the whole body health.

In addition to being the Director of the AMD Training & Mentoring program, Dr. Felix still makes time to see patients 2 days a week in his Falls Church office in Virginia.


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